Even in today's electronic world, strong communication skills are still not only critical for academic success, but essential for working in today's competitive market. As a parent, we know you want to help your children achieve success in all areas of their life. Writing is no exception. We also know you can sometimes feel overwhelmed in knowing just how to help in this particular skill area. Whether they are at the beginning stages of writing or moving into a proficient stage, Crabapple Tutoring is here to help take your child to that next level of success.

Crabapple Tutoring teaches your student to:

  1. Understand and utilize the writing process: Planning, rough draft, revision, editing, & publishing Incorporate the 6 core traits of any well written composition:

    - Clear and detailed Ideas that engage the reader
    - Organization for easy flow
    - Creative and descriptive word whoice that creates interest
    - Complex sentence fluency and structure that create depth
    - Engaging voice that sets an appropriate tone
    - Accurate writing conventions (grammar, mechanics, usage, spelling, etc) for error-free writing

  2. Identify and comfortably write in the difference styles of writing:

    - Narrative
    - Expository
    - Persuasive
    - Descriptive

  3. In addition, the Crabapple Tutoring Writing Program features:

    - Individualized program to focus on your child's specific needs whether in elementary, middle, or high school
    - Systematic approach to maximizes progress
    - Regular paper critiques that encourage continual advancement
    - Authentic feedback for improvement of skills
    - Frequent progress conferences to communicate growth
    - Practical tools to be used at home to support school assignments
    - Guidance for advanced planning
    - Georgia Performance-based curriculum
    - Timed writing practice for in class essay tests, Georgia Writing Assessment, and SAT/ACT
    - Teacher conferencing upon request