"My son entered the Crabapple Tutoring program near the end of fourth grade after finding out that his reading was well below his grade level. Within those first 40 sessions, my son’s reading improved dramatically; elevating him into an advanced level reading class when he went back to school in the fall. Thank you Crabapple Tutoring!"
Mother of a 5th Grade student

"William’s grades are really improving and we are very proud of him. Crabapple Tutoring has given him a foundation for learning and studying that was lacking before.  His work habits are improved as is his approach to homework, completing his work, and studying for tests."
Mother of a 10th Grade student

"We have had a wonderful experience with Crabapple Tutoring. They have been more helpful than I ever thought they could be. Without Crabapple Tutoring, I don’t think my daughter could have made it in school. Not only does she do very well academically, she has improved 2 grade levels in less than a year. Wow! Now that’s my kind of tutoring!!"
Mother of a 4th Grade student


"I want to tell you that I am doing so much better in math this year. I love to go to math, and I don't think I would have ever said that last year! I want to thank you for the knowledge that I now have. I feel that I can take on any math problem now! You gave me what I needed to know, so that when it gets harder I can get it. I hope that I make honor roll this whole year, (now that math is not in the way). This last nine weeks I got an 86 in math and I hope to get an A next time! Thanks again, and know that you have helped me a lot!"
7th Grade Student

"I needed help in building my reading skills. Crabapple Tutoring tutoring has been the best experience I have ever had. Their tutors are very easy to get along with and really help me understand the skills I am working on. As a result, my school work has become much easier. If you are looking for help in school, Crabapple Tutoring is the way to go."
High-School Senior

"Halfway through my freshman year, I was in deep trouble in Geometry. I learned about Crabapple Tutoring and enrolled in their program. Almost immediately, my understanding of Geometry improved. So did my grades. Without Crabapple Tutoring and their tutors, I would not have passed."
-- High-School Sophomore


"I am very impressed with Crabapple Tutoring and the work you have done. This is my 6th year teaching and you are by far one of the best tutoring programs I've encountered."
-- Private School Teacher

"It's a great partnership that we have with Crabapple Tutoring that adds value to staff, parents, and students. Crabapple Tutoring is not 'pushy'. [You] show a true interest in helping kids succeed."
-- PTA President

"As a principal of a middle school, it is important that my students are organized, focused, and have the basic skills to be successful. Crabapple Tutoring has worked with us as a "Partner in Education" and helped us meet the needs of our students by organizing and presenting Study Skills and Organizational Seminars for both parents and students. During PTSA meetings, while teachers were greeting parents, students attended a study skills / organizational session provided by Crabapple Tutoring.

Crabapple Tutoring has provided "math tutor" support for teachers as they work with students who benefit from additional instruction and support. Additionally, they have provided snacks for the faculty meetings.

I have found Crabapple Tutoring has always responded quickly, collaboratively, and completely to our requests. It is a pleasure to have Crabapple Tutoring as a Partner in Education. Keep up the great work!
-- Middle School Principal