"Our Passion Is Our Students' Success"

We exist to make a significant difference in our community by providing tutoring services that help our students to better compete in an ever changing, more complex society. We pledge to our students, parents, schools, community and business leaders that we will accomplish this mission through conducting our daily activities guided by the following values.


Above all, in all activities and communications with parents, schools, community organizations, team members and all those we come in contact with, we will provide the most accurate information and judgments possible. We will always advise each parent on the best path for helping their child achieve their goals. This underlying value will help make us a truly valued member of our community, as well as a successful business.

We will conduct tutoring, conferences, marketing activities and daily operational activities with full preparation and attention to detail so that these services and related materials are produced with high quality results.

We will actively seek opportunities throughout our community to help every student to achieve their highest potential through the mastery of the skills our services address.

We will work in such a manner that recognizes the contribution of all individuals and organizations with whom we come in contact. Of utmost importance is recognition of the successes achieved by our students and the support of their parents and teachers.

We will conduct all activities to meet commitments to our students, parents, schools, community and business leaders, and Crabapple Tutoring team members.

We will present Crabapple Tutoring in all activities and communications as an organization that belongs in the highest ranks of educational groups.