When you start your child at Crabapple Tutoring, what can you expect?

A process for academic success that starts now and lasts:

The Crabapple Tutoring program offers a specific individualized diagnostic and prescriptive approach to help students gain the basic skills needed to succeed in school, become independent learners and to build and maintain a high level of self-confidence to succeed in life!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Testing and Diagnosis: To enter the program, students must first complete a battery of diagnostic assessments administered by the Crabapple Tutoring Director of Learning or a trained educational professional. The results of these assessments allow us to pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses and help us determine which academic areas to focus on for instruction.

  2. Individualized Tutoring: After a student has been tested, an individualized curriculum is developed for the student using the test results. To create each student’s program, a specially designed correlation system is utilized to help choose materials from America’s most respected publishers, such as McGraw-Hill and Harcourt Brace.

    Your child is taught by our qualified tutors, each of whom is a state-certified teacher. Our teacher-student ratio never exceeds a 3 to 1 ratio. For some students (like kindergarten students) and subjects (like High School Math and SAT / ACT prep) that require more personal interaction, the student teacher ratio never exceeds 2 to 1. Students are monitored on a daily basis and changes are made in their individualized plan as needed. These key elements of our tutoring program ensures that your child achieves the maximum results in a minimum of time.

  3. Parent / School Communications: The Director of Learning or your student’s tutor will conference with you every 10 hours of tutoring to provide a detailed picture of your child’s progress. Students are also given a progress assessment, free of charge, after the completion of 40 hours of instruction to measure growth in each skill area.

    As part of our services, we share, with your signed consent, student test scores, goals and objectives with teachers and school personnel. It is our goal at Crabapple Tutoring to establish positive working relationships with teachers to provide the best possible learning situation for each student.

  4. Motivation and Rewards: Eventually, for most students, success becomes its own reward. But at the start, whether they’re in kindergarten or 10th graders, students who have problems in school have experienced frustration, failure, and disappointment. Our unique system of motivation and rewards keeps students upbeat and focused from day one of their individualized Crabapple Tutoring program. Our students look forward to their time at Crabapple Tutoring!