Grades K-8 | High School Math

Grades K-8

Crabapple Tutoring Learning Centers offer proven tutoring programs in math, ranging from basic math through Integrated Advanced Algebra II. In each of these tutoring programs, the lessons are administered using a variety of proven teaching methods. These include paper-and-pencil activities as well as the incorporation of manipulatives to provide hands-on activity to aid in learning abstract concepts. Each of our math programs provides children with the math help they need to succeed.

Basic Math Program
The Basic Math Program helps students learn basic math skills in three general categories: Basic Math Facts, Computation, and Concepts & Applications. The Basic Math Program encourages students to communicate in mathematical terms in all areas of instruction. Mastering these skills provides students with the math help they need for advancement to higher-level math classes.

Basic Math Facts
Students learn and master basic single-digit operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Our tutors provide the math help your child needs to develop accuracy and speed, which translates into confidence and success as he or she progresses. These basic math skills provide the foundation for math comprehension that will lead to success as the student moves on to more complex math operations.

Core computation skills are learned in the areas of whole number operations, fractions, decimals, and at some levels, integers, percentages, and pre-algebraic expressions. With math help in these areas, your child is prepared to advance to the next levels quickly and successfully.

Concepts & Applications
This element of the program deals with concept formation, reasoning, and problem solving. The specific math skills areas learned include: numeration, fraction concepts, decimal concepts, estimating, basic measurement concepts, geometry measurement concepts, problem solving, exponents, graphics, probability and statistics, and ratios.

High School Math

At Crabapple Tutoring, our High School math students build solid understanding to take back to the classroom and achieve higher grades.

The Crabapple Tutoring approach to building a foundation for independent learning in High School Math is based on understanding core concepts. These concepts are directly related to specific computational skills and problem solving techniques required in each area. Lesson plans are drawn from an extensive mathematical library and delivered by certified instructors.

The Crabapple Tutoring High School Math Program includes traditional Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2), as well as the Georgia math curriculum of Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, Integrated Advanced Algebra, Integrated Geometry, and Integrated Algebra II. Our lesson plans are structured to support the Georgia performance standards.

Our program is individualized to meet the needs and follow the schedule of each student. Students will receive classroom support with preloading in math concepts, skills and techniques needed to be successful in school. When major tests are approaching, our instructors will review the anticipated topics. This review, coupled with our problem solving methods and materials, helps each student maximize their grades.

The High School Math Program features: