The Crabapple Tutoring test preparation programs apply proven techniques to help students maximize their scores on the SAT / ACT. The results on these tests are critical to the college admission process, scholarships and financial aid packages. Success in the SAT / ACT tests increase college options and improve chances to be accepted to the college of your choice.

Our program emphasizes strategies / techniques, academic skills and test taking stamina.

Detailed Analysis of Full Length Practice (Mock) Test: Crabapple Tutoring uses CollegeBoard and ACT approved tests to identify a student's skills and to pinpoint areas where the opportunity for score increases
is the greatest.

Understanding the Test: The Crabapple Tutoring programs feature instructions for understanding the key elements of the test. The test structure, instructions, and scoring principles are reviewed to help reduce test anxiety and let each student take control of the test.

Test Taking Strategies: Proven techniques for proper "guessing", elimination strategies, proper pacing, finding the test "traps", and more are integrated into each lesson.

Building Academic Skills: An individualized program, based on the results of the diagnostic assessment, is created for each student. Skilled instructors deliver the program to strengthen math, critical reading, writing, essay and science (ACT) skills. Expert advice and practice on tackling the essays and exercises for vocabulary development are used to increase scores. Ongoing quizzes and review of missed questions are part of these intense programs.

The Test Prep Programs features: